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My Daddy Is My Superhero, by Michaelagh Broadbent

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In 2009 my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which then recurred in 2015 when I was weeks pregnant with our second son, Alex. By the time he went for his repeat surgery in 2016, we faced the challenge of how to explain his tumour to our elder son, Harry, who was three at the time.

My debut children's book, My Daddy Is My Superhero, was inspired by my experience of helping my young son to understand and adjust to his dad's illness. It was written to help a child celebrate and commemorate a seriously ill or lost parent, and to help them to accept their eventual passing. I believe being able to hold on to positive memories is an important part of the grieving process, and this is what I have tried to achieve through my book.

My Daddy Is My Superhero is aimed at children aged approximately 3–10 years old. It is written in poem form, and its illustrations are based on family photos and special memories of my son Harry and his dad. The book is due for publication by North Staffordshire Press in June 2018 and is now available to pre-order. 

A Mother's Love


My children are my world. They are just two little boys who one day in the near future will experience the loss of their dad, whom they love very much. It is my hope that my book – its words, its illustrations, its underlying message – will not only help my own children, but also other children and families in similar situations.  

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Our Story in Edinburgh Evening News, 5 March 2018