Why Maggie's

Maggie's has always been a special place for us since we were first faced with my husband's diagnosis back in 2009. When we were dealing with lots of big medical terminologies and decisions, it was the team at Maggie's Edinburgh that made us feel just a little less overwhelmed through their kindness, understanding and support. Walking into Maggie's, it was like the whole place wrapped its arms around us, and I'll never forget that initial impression that made all the difference to me, my husband, and our families in those early days. 

Over the years, we have continued to keep in touch with Maggie's, sending them cards and updates on our lives, and always receiving the most warm of responses that made us feel that we were never forgotten, and always fondly remembered. They rejoiced with us when we sent happy news, such as the birth of our children, and supported us with sound advice and knowledge when we needed guidance on how to navigate the road of my husband's brain tumour recurrence and all the challenges that have come with it. Maggie's has made us feel part of a special community that is always there whenever we may need it.

It is for these reasons that I have chosen Maggie's as my choice charity to support through my book venture. Maggie's Edinburgh was also the location of the launch of my book on 2 June 2018, attended by many lovely organisations and individuals with an interest in the book. Some of the proceeds of my book are being donated to Maggie's Edinburgh to help them continue the wonderful work that they do. I hope as I progress with spreading our story and my message, I can continue to raise funds for Maggie's in other ways, too. I would be very grateful if you could visit the Maggie's Edinburgh website and learn more about the amazing things they do for families such as ours. 

If you would like to help me in supporting Maggie's and the wonderful work that they do, please use the link below to make a donation and stand with me in expressing the gratitude and admiration I have for what they do.

Thanks for reading,

Michaelagh Broadbent

Book Launch Attendees Included